St Barnabas Children home

The name Barnabas means sons of consolation or comfort as in the book of Acts 4:36-37 of the Holy Bible. The reason of our being is to console, give comfort and hope to the less fortunate that is the orphans, the vulnerable groups like widows and street children.

Barnabas Missions Center and Children's Home was official born on September 2009. Before this; Harrison the founder lived around the area where the project is currently located for three years after high school. He saw how many children did not attend school because of poverty and that many of the children were orphans whose parents had died of HIV and AIDS. young girls were married off at verry early ages and young boys indulging in becoming behavior like drug addiction.

Massai takes part in helping these children, we often donate and spend time with them. We have held many fundraising events throughout the years to help support and take care of the children at St Barnabas.
We are currently working on making them self-sufficient by teaching them skills and making use of their 5 acre land. We want to help them grow and become independent. We will also hold a toilet and shower walk where we will raise money to build up proper hygiene/ plumbing facilities. We would also like to open a small hospital for them in the near future.

28 Dec, 2018